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she breaks NC after a month..?


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i don't know whether this is the appropriate place for this topic but here goes


long story short, she contacts me exactly after a month we broke it off by emailing me saying she misses me and that she is sorry about everything and just wants to know how i've been doing lately.


it was a pretty rough breakup, i told her i don't want to see her face or hear from her ever again and had kept NC for a month and had no intentions of breaking the NC.


so what do i do now? i have no idea what she wants.


reply or not?


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Does it matter what she wants?

What do you want? NC is for you not her.

It is strange how X number of days people contact the other. Lets say six months to the day and poof there they are asking about you and your feelings. There is no calendar for healing or working on a rough relationship. If you really don't want to see her face or speak to her then don't. She will get the message........



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it's been 2 days now and i haven't replied to her yet but all my instincts tell me to just reply but i'm really struggling on what i should actually say.


i don't really care what she wants because the thought of going back to her just irritates me because i'm completely over her.


any other inputs??

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