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I've been having suicidal thoughts lately

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Lately I've been depressed and have been having suicidal thoughts. Overall my life is good, I live on my own, I have a job and I'm going to school so overall life is good. The problem is that my love life is horrible. I'm 26 years old and ive never been on a date in my lfie and nver had a girlfriend. I'm too shy to approach girls and I look like one of those guys on "Average Joe". I am losing my hair, skinny, wear glasses and just feel like no girl would ever want to go out with me. I can't even look a girl in the eyes anymore. I have no self-esteem, no self confidence in myself and every girl and I mean every girl that I like and want to get to know more has a boyfriend and I'm getting to the point where i think that God created me to be single all my life and to never be in a relationship with a girl.


I know there are way more important things inlfie then being in a relationship, but i'm tired of being patient and waiting for that girl to come along. I usally go out to the movies or something by myself because i ave no friends outside of work. I thought i'd meet someone at college, but not one single girl says hi to me and I'm too shy to say hi to them. I'm getting to the point where I feel i may do soemthing stupi and hurt my family, especially since my grandfather has 6 months left to live and my oldest brother has had suicidal thoguths as well.


I just don't know what to do anymore and I guess the only reason why I'm still here is that I don't want to hurt my family and have them be sad that they lost me. Other than that I have no other reason to live anymore. I feel that if I can meet a girl that is single and we hit it off and get involved in a relationship that I will be much, much happier and feel that my life is complete to some degree and I'll be satisfied with my life.

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In relation to what you just said I feel you need to look at your situation from a different angle. Ok, your 26 and you've never had a girlfriend but then there must be million's of women just like you.... think of the possibilities. Now I'm not saying finding a girl is as easy as pie but if you work on your own look i.e. you dress sense, a smile for strangers, things could improve...trust me.


My motto is give a little....live a little. What means is that once you change your view of the world and become more optimistic.... people will notice a smile could change everything.


Open yourself up to the world and the world will open itself up...like a book...


Good luck...

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I feel for ya but at the same time, you're not utilizing all of your resources. Have you considered having a makeover? Have you visited new places? Are you saving to buy a nice house so that you can offer safety and security to a nice lady that has never experienced that before in her life? Do you attend church? Do you find certain topics of interest easy to talk about with strangers, like art, computers or something of that nature? Are you taking steps to improve your communication skills so it's not so intimidating to you? Perhaps volunteering somewhere might help you with that, not to mention it might make you appreciate the blessings you have.


These are just a few thoughts that came to my mind. Also remember that sometimes it's better to be on your own so you can focus on things that bring greater joy and happiness to others and yourself. A woman will not make you happy, you have to first be happy with yourself. Then the woman you find would compliment you in a way that will make you feel complete.


Hope this helps.

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You are your own worst enemy.


The only thing I can suggest is that you get on a sports team. Preferably co-ed.


1) You need to stop taking your word for the fact you are not attractive. What you see in the mirror would look different if you were LIVING different, not LOOKING different.


2) You need to get out


3) You need to force yourself into challenging situations like sports

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suicide is just a no no!!! there is no problem or situation so great and intense that u have to take ur own like!!! its just not cool!!!


well hey so ur 26 in school, ur own place and have a good job!! well in many cases looks dont matter...but everyone has their own taste...u may unattractive to girl #1 but a stud to girl #2!!!! i mean honestly its all about how u carry urself and confidence!!! u must have confidence...confidence is the key!! once u love urself than believe some girl will come along!


see me i have tons of confidence...some times i am even called conceided! but i love myself and i am proud of the way i look!! u look the way u look for a reason and u cant really change it (besides surgery but that should be out of the question)! so i say enjoy ur life...life is short and be proud of who u are!! then trust me u will get a girl!!!

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