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5 Days of NC and It's getting worse


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Hi All,


It's been five days of NC. Tonight I came accross an internet dating site in my favourites (as he used to use my computer). He is a member of this.


I feel like calling hom to tell him I love him and want him back (i was the dumper). Part of me thinks * * * * you and get out of my life, he is an active user on this thing. This really hit home and I am hurting.


When is this ever going to end? Why does he pop up everywhere? I feel like I am going absolutley insane by not talking to him.


Can he just move on like this or is he even feeling any pain.


What do I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I know that feeling, I've had it in the first few days of my breakup also.


But if you broke up then it obviously means that you weren't right for eachother. He is going to meet somebody else sooner or later, that's inevitable, but so will you. Breakups suck, breakups hurt, it's normal so just give yourself time to grieve, but do NOT think that you are gonna miserable for a long time. And do NOT go back to a relationship that obviously isn't right.


Maybe it's time for a hot chocolate and a good movie, or a shopping tour, or a night out with your girl friends!

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