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Cousin relationship problem

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Our fathers are brothers and our mo...
Our fathers are brothers and our mothers are sisters, our relationship? | Michael's Hut

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It all started off a year ago. Three of my cousins came

home from abroad and stayed at my uncles place.

So we hang out, talked,wen to parties together etc.

But this one cousin of mine, well, we became more open

and to the point i kinda fell for her (literally)


Then, there we became so close and I guess both our

emotions flared up so we didnt think that we went beyond

the edge. Nothing happened really. We just became sort

of good friends (close cousins)


After a month or so, when she was about to go back

home. I told her something I shouldnt have. I said that

she was really special and that my world would be

nothing without her. That she was more like a sister to me.

Since im the only son. The latter which i meant more.


Now, since then she wont answer my phone calls, sms

messages or email. Also, it happened so that my dad got

assigned for work near their place so i came with him so I could

talk to her about our friendship and such. Guess what

happened? She would just talk to me like she was forced to.

Like a simple yes, ok, right. Unlike before, our conversations

were so deep and enjoyable and even shared jokes together.


Till now, i long the day we would be good friends again.

As cousins..



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Wow, well you said that she is "More like a sister to you". So either, shes pissed that you don't like her as something sexual, or thinks you're trying to hit on her. I think perhaps you better figure out which end of the spectrum it is. Either way, you've gotta clear that up cause both situations are pretty gross. Like texan said, get a GF and make sure she knows about it (make one up if you have to). She'll either be relieved you aren't trying to commit incest, or she'll be totally pissed.

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dude its your cousin. dont worry about it. When i was way younger i sorta had the same thing going for my cousin but i didnt come out and say anything. now i think back and thats gross. i have heard from many people though similar experiances. bottom line, just let things smooth over and time pass over and eventually you guys will be cool.

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If she thought you were hitting on her and was grossed out, clarifying that would put both of you back at ease and you may have a good laugh about it later on down the road.


If she was offended at you calling her a sister and thinks of you romantically, then you probably aren't going to be able to be friends.


Not sure what she's thinking. You'll have to find out. Maybe call her up on the phone and apologize for offending her, that you aren't some creepy cousin guy, and you like having a person you can talk to that you don't have to worry about a relationship because you are already family. All of my cousins are female so I don't know what else to suggest, heh.

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Problem is I cant think of a right opportunity to sit down with her and

talkabout it. Most of the time shes out of my proximity.

When i try to go close, she tends to go far a bit. Guess a little more time.

This may sound a bit weird but, I cant seem to break the ice on starting

to approach her. Damn. Sounds like im courting a girl or something


She might think of something awkward once i go towards her.

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Well I guess actions speak lourder than words.

And words make a good impact as well.


I tried sending her a couple of SMS messages a while back

Saying im sorry and such. But she said she doubts

if our friendship would return. Well, I hope to see

her soon and talk to her in person

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