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is breaking up the answer?


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I have a three year relationship with some who I've known for six years. We've had an incredibly rough three years in which I've contemplated how compatible we are countless times.

We go through good and bad patches frequently, it's like a roller coaster ride from hell, and I sometimes feel I am just emotionally drained and exhausted.

We're currently on bad terms as we had a fight four days ago, and every time we have a disagreement this big that just leads to yelling matches and tears, I feel like the only way out is to leave him.

Is this just weak, or is it what I really want?

On one hand I know if I left him, eventually I will get over it. I will be happy again one day, but will I be happier over all or will it be a mistake to leave him?


We broke up start of this year, and I went NC for four months. After only a month or so I was set that I would never get back with him, he hurt me more than he ever had before and I was done. I thought the relationship was far too broken to be fixed. He came back, out of the blue, and after a few weeks of meeting up and talking, I let him back in.

To this day I'm not sure if that was a good idea or not, sure, the last few months being back together have been happy (and sad) but I was over him, and I had lost all faith and trust in him.


I'm not sure if our relationship is too broken to be fixed, if walking away is simply weak, taking the easy way out, or if we simply haven't tried enough to fix it.

I'm not sure how to work out whether or not a break up is worth it? I know I would be devastated to leave him, but at any point in time, I know it will hurt to leave. I just can't work out if I would be happier overall or will always regret not giving it another chance, working it out, trying to restore the peace.

Thanks for reading guys

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simply figure out the ratio...how often do you feel bad? how long does it last? what are the fights about, are they big issues or small?

and then ask yourself if this is truly what you want in your life, someone that you are constantly struggling with? someone that you have left already once...

weigh out the good vs the bad qualities of the relationship, of your partner and of your role in the relationship...

take some time to think of what your ideal relationship would look like and really examine whether your current one meets those qualities...

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I think a reason we fight so often is that we're both overly sensitive and one of us will get upset over something small, and before we know it, we've blown it up so huge that we want to fight for our cause rather than say sorry, talk it out, and make up.

Right now it's monday and I haven't seen him since friday, and that's our biggest disagreement in a very long time, and usually I wouldn't feel right going this long without talking to him, but right now, I'm still angry, I'm still upset, and not bothered by the lack of communication between us right now.

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