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Worried about... Myself.

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Hey. I've got a problem...


I've noticed, that sometimes my personality changes from environment to environment.


What I'm trying to say is that when I'm all excited, I start talking really fast with no errors in my speech, and my friends say I sound like the mexican guy off that movie "Next Friday".

When I'm bored, I'm slow, sluggish, my voice is slurred, slow and deep, and when I'm around a girl I start acting like an ass. Laughing at things that aren't funny... Showing off... Etc.


What I really want to do is to settle down, and keep one personality. I've heard of this Multiple Personality Disorder stuff, but I don't think I have that. I'm just acting a bit too young for my age. I'm 15.


The reason I'm asking this, is because there's this girl at school that I really like, and I haven't told her I like her, but I've noticed that sometimes when I'm acting like an ass, she ignores me, and sometimes when I'm being mature she is flirting with me, or being really nice to me.

One day I received a 100% on a test and I told my teacher that I actually studied for that test, and she said that she was proud of that, and that I had "turned over a new leaf", and I wasn't sure what that meant at the moment, so I asked her, and the girl I liked said that it meant "growing up and being mature". That was one of the moments that I was acting like the "mexican" guy again.


Basically, what I'm asking is... Is there something wrong with me? How can this problem be corrected without help from anyone else (IE: Doctors, Teachers, Parents), and how long will it take? And, from what I described... does it sound to you like this girl likes me?



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Don't worry i do the same thingi'm (15). when i'm around my bf sometimes i'm quite or start laughing for no reason and he tries to ignore me. and when i'm with close, kool friends i'm my self which i don;t know y, i think i feel that being with my bf i need to act differently. Well but i'm trying to change and i think you will too as we get older


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It sounds like Attention defecit disorder. You have trouble paying attention, get bored easily and distracted easily as well.


I think that you could tell a councilor at your school and they should be able to help.


Maturing for real helps, most people as an adult can control their reflexes, impulses, etc.


Try to sort out what behavior you have that can and can't be controlled. If someone complains about your behavior tell them you have ADD. Most will try to make things easier for you.

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Hey Dazedpunk, you better behave!! I think I do understand women ... at least a little... so here goes my SwingFox Fluffy Pillow© towards you! *BAF* ... *heheh*


Okay, so much for me being childish now. Let's get serious. I do NOT agree with the ADD idea. I think that "Security" is being a normal TEENAGER. Why? What teenagers do in their years is trying to find themselves. Some start to dress really funky, some join a metal band, some ... some ... get the idea? They are trying to identify themselves with certain groups and start to form their own ideas. For that very same reason they are being rebelious, too... Sounds perfect to me...


However, it would never hurt to get a test and see what the result will be. I don't know the world and a test will actually SHOW proof. I hope my input was of help again. Good luck!


~ SwingFox ~

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Hey, i'm a new member and i'm not really good with this stuff but i think i will give it a shot.


I have a problem similar to yours, I often act differently around different people. If that is the same case for you, then just try to adjust. It isn't easy, you have changing attitudes depending who you are with. Very similar to me, but I just try to act the same with everyone... Don't tell anyone you have ADD, they (or she) will probably feel odd around you and maybe even try to avoid you, but i dunno...


As for the girl, she probably likes you. Or atleast is interested. So just stick with it and be yourself. Take things slow and mature a little.


Good luck man, you probably have it "in the bag," haha

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