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Complicated and stressful break up.


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A month ago I made a post about leaving my girlfriend of 8 months and it's been a weird relationship ever since. We decided to stay friends(mistake one) and we kept having sex(mistake two).


She met a guy two weeks ago and he's wanting to date her already. She doesn't know if she's ready, but she says that she can't get over me. Meaning she's not ready. I'm all out of it because I got used to us being close and intimate without the stress of a full-time relationship and I liked what was going on.


Unfortunately, she's looking for someone to fill a huge emotional void and I can't do that. As a girlfriend, she isn't right for me, period. She took me for granted, pushed me away, didn't appreciate anything that I did and just treated me badly. Somehow we get along great as friends and we're able to have have sex without worrying about everything else. She wants more.


She's cancelled our Monday night plans, but still wants to talk about sex through text. I told her that I can't get over our new found friendship if we keep talking about it. She mentioned that she's not having sex with anyone else, so she can't talk about that. I told her that I didn't want to talk about sex period, especially if it involves some other guy.


I'm not sure what to do. She's been married three times(27 y/o), she's been bi-sexual off and on for the last few years and she's had SO many relationships. Why can't she just slow down and get her life together instead of always looking for love?


Or am I just jealous that I've lost my friend with benefits?

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I can relate to this girl in the 'always looking for love'...for some people, its just impossible to settle down because it involves things like patience, committment, forgiveness, trust - things she might find much too difficult to deal with on a daily basis.

From your post it is very clear what you need to do, and it sounds like you know it too. Stay away from her. At least for now.

Maybe in the future she will get herself together, but for now, there is nothing left to do but let her go.

I think maybe jealousy plays a part of it, but your more correct on the first statement.

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