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I'm finally attracted to someone else....

Delusional Kisses

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but I can already tell I'm making the same mistake!!!!!

I've spent the last few years of my life COMPLETELY and MADLY in love with my best friend. It started out romantic, then I became friend-zoned, we slept together a few times and then he moved away. He left 6 months ago and I have seen him twice since. We talk everyday and while I am still madly in love with him and still feel like he is "the one", I realize that I cannot chase after him or continue down the same road for my entire lifetime. Anyway, HE is not the story right now...lol. An old friend found me via myspace late last month. He is someone that I was distant friends with through high school and college, but I have not seen him in at least 8 years. He messaged me a few weeks on myspace and then I gave him my number. We've been texting for about 2 weeks now....maybe 3...I lose track of time. He's asked me out several times, but our schedules never seem to coincide. I want to go!!!! This is the first time I've wanted to have anything to do with another man since I met the BFF and I'm very excited. I'm still confused as to why the sudden interest after all these years and when I mentioned it to friends that knew us both, they were all quite thrown back by it...mostly saying "OMG! What are you thinking???" But whatever I'm thinking....I seem to be thinking it all the damn time...lol.

But I keep thinking about what the BFF told me once when we had a conversation about why we lost what we had and I was friend-zoned. He said "you take things too casual too long".

I'm doing it again...I just know I am. I'm the girl that you go out and have a few beers with, maybe have sex and then hang out with the next day like nothing happened. I don't know why!!!! HELP ME! ](*,)

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