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Having No Friends


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Hello all.


I am a teenager, I have Asperger's syndrome and I am home-educated (do not go to school.)

These 2 things combined cause me to have no friends.


There are people I see a lot that like me (from karate, drama & Asperger's support group) but they aren't actually my friends in the sense that I don't see them enough outside of these groups.


Also, someone I really liked at drama left the group last week, and said she would text me but hasn't bothered.


This week I turned up at drama, she spoke to me, said she didn't ring because her phone had no credit, which I do not believe.

I had also arranged for her to go to a concert with me, but I doubt that will happen now.


On top of that, I visited the house of somebody from karate (which happens rarely), but at the end, my dad told me that his mum told him that I was a pain to be with, so I can't imagine her allowing me back.


I think the lack of friends is more to do with the fact that I don't go to school than the fact that I have AS because people like me a lot, and have never bullied or discriminated me.

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what about getting together with some of the members from your Aspergers support group? Do you like them/get along?

Being homeschooled makes things difficult in terms of making friends. It's good you're involved in outside activities though.

Maybe ask your parents if you could have a few people from your group over to hang out and watch movies or something.

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I can relate to both the AS and having trouble with friends, and I know how much it can suck.


My main problem (before I started to actively work on my social skills) was being overbearing/overattached, is that an issue for you at all? Because coming off as clingy to friends can be pretty bad (see: pain to be around), but it's also fixable.


I'd say that perhaps asking if a couple of people from karate/whatever want to "catch up sometime" would be a good idea...


I had a friend this year who had AS, and she was homeschooled too, and I think that you're right, when you have a disorder that brings with it social problems, homeschooling can be a terrible handicap to socialisation...


If you feel like PMing me to talk a little, go ahead.

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I totally feel what you're going through. I was home-schooled for 2 yrs in high school and had a lot of social anxiety disorders back in my day.


The important thing is to never give up or think/feel like it's always your problem. Maybe the girl really did have phone problems. And if that other kid's parent has to confess that he doesn't like being around you, that's his loss. You don't need "friends" like him anyways.


There's always room for improvements. Having Asperger's and other social/mental disorders is often a tough thing to deal with because people just assume you can "get over it". But don't let it be a crutch. It seems like you've found a niche for karate and drama, so naturally you're finding like-minded people. You're not gonna be able to get along with all of them, but keep at it and maybe you'll find some very cool people.


If you see an opportunity to invite them somewhere, do the very best that you can to break out of your element and give it the best possible shot you can. Even if they say no, you'll learn from it, and slowly begin to not take it personally. The rejection is hard, I still have problems with that sometimes, but it's the only way to make any improvements.


The best thing you can do is keep talking to people as much as you can. It may take years, but eventually you pick up things that are crucial to talking to people easier and making friends. I went from someone with no real friends and being terrified to talk to ANYBODY, to being someone who was plenty of friends from all walks of life. But I appreciate every moment I have with them, because I know where I came from. It just takes patience, perseverance, and work. And a good attitude!

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