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I need some advice


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Recently, my brother introduced me to one if his close college friends. This girl is really cool and I liked being around her. My brother suggested I ask her out, so I called her up and asked her to go to lunch with me. At lunch, we talked about a lot of everything. There really was not any uncomfortable situations. It seemed to be going well. My brother invited her over the next day to eat dinner with us and some other friends. We talked quite a bit there also. I then decided that on Monday I was going to ask her out for Valentines Day if she didn't already have plans. When I got the reply to the note I sent her, she thanked me for the invitation and said she already had plans. Her reply was really short.


I guess my question is am I making a big deal out of this? Was I rushing too fast in asking her out? Should I get to know her a little better before I ask her out on a date? Could I have made her nervous by asking her out so quickly and the date would have been on Valentines day?


Yours advice is greatly appreciated.

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Have you asked her if she's attached? Sometimes, it is not so wise to just read the signs.


She might just be enjoying your company and is not actively seeking for a partner. Spend more time chatting with her, then revise your plot. It isn't very nice being a 3rd party without even knowing it.


Stay cool.

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You go, bleeder... good call!!



I am not sure if she's attached. I tend to believe she is not, otherwise I don't see how she could accept the lunch invitation and dinner invitation. If she IS attached, then I would proceed VERY carefully, because I believe she MIGHT not being entirely fair to you. The only way to find that out, is by asking her. I also would beat around the bush and ask her how her Valentine's Day was. Hopefully she'll mention what she's been doing.


Last but not least: a girl doesn't go on a lunch or dinner date, when she doesn't like the person or at least is not interested. I hope that gives you a little confidence to ask her the details.


I hope this was of help to you and wish you good luck!


~ SwingFox ~

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