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hi enotalone! ive been away from the website for a while and for that i am sorry, but i have not forgotten about everything.


anyways...i come to you tonight with that feeling in my chest...i bet some people know it...you know, where your heart feels like its going to beat right out of there and you can feel it in your throat? thats the one.


its a long story that would take forever to truly explain (or just longer than id like to take) but ill try to make it brief.


my girlfriends roommates (3 girls) have been getting pretty angry with us because Ive spent the night about every night for about a month straight.

they have a problem with it because they always feel awkward around us (thats their reasoning) and all sorts of other things.

this has been going on for a while

the specifics arent important, just know that there has been some indirect aggression placed towards me without just cause and i have yet to receive an apology. i feel very unwelcome by them and awkward around the two-faced roommates now.


ive explained this to my girlfriend numerous times. especially today - because it is my first time being here since a big fight over my residence between my girlfriend and her roommates (no one ever confronted me about it, but whatever).


now, i told her that im apprehensive in conversing with these people because its awkward and i feel like i am owed an apology (which she previously said was justified and i should get one out of them but now decided that it would cause too much drama). after she talked to them for a little bit while we were making dinner/eating it/cleaning up, we went into her room and she wanted to play the sims and so she did while i just hung out on her bed, messing around on my laptop. then, about 30 minutes later, she gets up to go get something to drink and has been hanging out with her roommates, gabbing with them like nothing was extremely wrong a few days and like i am not in her room, waiting for her.


i told her i would rather do something else than play video games but she really wanted to play, so thats okay...but if she doesnt want to play anymore, she could have said something....

she has been out with her roommates for about an hour now.


surely she has to understand that i really do not want to go out there and hang out with her roommates....and she knows that if she wants to, she can just simply tell me that shes going to be with them for a bit instead of forgetting about me in her room....but she has to know that i really want to spend time with her.


ugh...that was a vent, sorry.


so, i guess what im looking for from someone is some advice...maybe on what i should do...should i leave? is it valid for me to feel so wronged? any insights?


i understand that these roommates of hers are her good friends, but still...im here too....you cant ignore someone like that...especially a significant other.


we have been dating for nearly 9 months and have had our share of fights, but we are very much so in love, though i imagine that if these sorts of things keep going on, one might fall out of love.


please help! sorry for the length, but any help is greatly appreciated!!!!

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