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in love with ex boyfriend

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Okay so where do I even start....

Well about two years ago I wans't really in a good place with my life and my realionships. Every relionship I had never worked out either the guy was using me , cheated on me. So i was getting hurt alot. Then I met this guy and right away we hit it off. So we dated for about a year almost. Then I started falling for him and that scared me so I found things I disliked and annoyed me and made them a big deal and bolted. I was so scared of getting hurt I did not believe a guy could do nothing but hurt me. I realized much later what I really still felt but I but me feeling behind me. Then he had a kid. Which also made me think miore about him becasue of the fact we almost had a child together...i had a miscarige. Then I've seen him lately in the past week and I can not stop thinking about him. I am having ALL my feelings come back. I try to think of any thing bad about the realionship we had to make me stop thi8nking about him but nothing. All good stuff. I hurts so bad becasue I WANT HIM back so bad. He is the only thing that is in my MIND.

Now he is with the mother of his child...but they are having problems and he is only with her for the baby......

I wish i could say something but I cant come inbetween that. I dont know waht to do!!!!

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Things would've changed a lot with him since he has had the kid.


Are you ok being with someone who has had a kid to someone else?


We all make mistakes and we need to learn from them, the lesson often sticks harder when its something we have learnt by our own mistakes rather than someone elses.

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