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i have a question, what do you do when you make friends with someone, and hes not very funny at first. Ive always had a talent for humour and lately hes been stealing all my material and using it to attract the girl im already getting involved with. She and me decided to take things slow but now he's constantly stealing my jokes to get her to flirt and attract her and stuff. He says he doesnt like her and he has a girlfriend but then why the hell is he trying to steal mine! Please tell me what to do.

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What's up brother? No one replies to your postings? That's odd?


Well let me try to help then?


So there's some dirty bloke stealing your material? That's pretty weak! Maybe you should keep your best stuff to yourself and let him try to fend for himself? How does she react to him when he's blocking you out (I would say something else about blocking but can't)?

If she's digging him, and it's obvious, you're better off without a girl that's going to be persuaded by your friends. You'll always have to wonder about her if she is impressed by this chump and his stolen lines. If she's liking him and thinking he's funny, any guy is going to be able to turn her head. Maybe she's not ready for a boyfriend? Maybe she's just weighing her options right now? Guard your heart always! Be cautious and don't jump to soon....


Is he a good friend of yours? If so, talk to this dude! Tell him you really like this girl and to back off. Tell him he can be a chump and use your lines but use them on someone else. Stick up for yourself bro!


But listen Holmes....she's not worth it if she started liking you and is AT ALL persuaded by this frumpy friend of yours!


I hope this helps? Probably not, but at least you got a response my man!

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you get down with a piece of paper- I know how annoying it can be, but think of better jokes and use them before he has a chance to get them- use them with her! its as annoying as heel, but she won't like it if she hears you trying to claim the joke back, if she didn't see you when you heard him tell yuor joke, then it would be good to use it in front of her and when she asks "hey- that was someone elses joke- deny it and tell her how you made it up and that he steals your jokes a lot. HEY- you could even tell him a real good joke that you know he'll tell her so that you CAN get him. Does this make sense? I hope it does, because revenge is sweet

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Communication sounds like the only solution. Just ask this guy what's up! Tell him how you don't appreciate him stealing your jokes and that eventually everyone will realise what he's doing and won't find him the least bit funny anymore. Ask him why he finds the need to attempt to steal your girl if he has a girlfriend of his own...There's no need to whine about it to your girl tho, she'll probably just think you're being a big baby about it. Besides, an insecure guy usually isn't a turn on.




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maybe talking to this guy won't work- I mean I used to have a similar guy doing that- not to a girl I liked, but BOY you just wanna nail him. So with me all the people I hung around with would have sided with him, its just dumb loyalty. It all depends on what the situation is, but this could be the problem too and lets not forget that some people JUST don't cooperate.

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