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Oh how I dream this girl would stalk me

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Yeah, so I have NC for two months now with a friend zone deal. Remember when i pulled away or when she'd get jealous how she would start to react a little more.


I remember when she'd inncocently text me saying "wont I get to see you before next week." "prob not. I am waaay too busy. see you next week."


"not if I see you first." smiley face.


I think i started coming on too strong by admitting I adored her and have very strong feelings before we'd even been together.


She is emotionally fragile right now.


Man I wish that girl would ignore me NC and stalk me. I need a stalker I am already in love with who previously rejected me.


I know it is atronomically unlikely that it will happen, but alas I hope someday hope I get to see a woman stalk me who had previously rejected me.


No, I don't do games. I wouldn't accept anyone right now who rejected me if they changed their minds. But I do find it a turn on to have a woman I am strongly attracted to stalk and obsess over me. It happened before when i rejected a woman who rejected me for over a year. She became obsessive though she never stalked me (she might have killed herself over me after I NC her.)


I wouldn't 'do' anything to make this happen. But you can't help how you 'feel.'


twisted I know.


Anybody else ever want a stalker who they are strongly attracted to?


The only stalkers I ever got were ones I didn't want damn it.

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lol, at least this post made me smile a little, it's a unique subject. I've never been attracted to anyone who stalked me. You're lucky though, you must be pretty attractive. I like when someone obsesses over me(when they do). How much more flattery can you get? I'm not sure what else to say about this...

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ahahahah i know what u mean, sadly i'm a fat brown guy so no girls in my life, sadly growing up in a white Christian private school in Florida has turned me towards white girls so u can imagine how that goes


Hey, I know what you mean. I live in Iowa where the only other brown guy is the Janitor @.@

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Oh c'mon, some of you must want a hot stalker. Don't play self-righteous.


I would imagine that if some guy had a hot stalker, she wouldn't have to stalk him for very long...


People only tend to stalk, when they aren't having their attention reciprocated.

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