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Hi there,


My name is Chris and I am 29 years old. I very recently broke up with a girl that I loved very much and am in the process of healing. I have always wrote in these times but have never shared any of it with anyone. Please I would appreiciate your feedback. The first is a poem that I wrote last night and below are basically some of my thoughs that just poured out of me. Thanks Chris


Live from the heart

Love from the heart

Love yourself like nothing else in life

Be all that you want and more through the gift of self love

Nothing in life is unattainable

Nothing in love is unattainable

All that we are is a boundless energy of love

Give to others the benefits of your love

Smile at everyone you meet

Give to others the benefits of your touch

Touch the people in life, who look like they need affection

Never close the door on anything until you are finished realizing what it was

Always leave your heart open to new experiences and live for today and not what will be

Stay in the moment

Don't look back and don't look to far forward

It could all be over tomorrow

Don't let the negativity of others get you down

When we love ourselves we are the greatest gifts to others

Don't be afraid, take on the things and embrace your fears, realize what they are and let them go

Live for today and learn all that you can

Live from your heart, and love from your heart






Who we are and what makes us beautiful is the trying times that we endure .We become stronger and our endless potential flourishes when we realize that our lives are in a difficult and trying time. Our spirit is at its strongest when fear and self doubt enter our beautiful minds. When our lives seem unmanageable and the stresses of others seep into our subconscious is when it is time to take stock of your true being and unleash all the love that is already exist inside all of us. We must truly love ourselves at these times and realize that all is not lost. Our inner power is endless and tapping into that is what makes the self love sing and energize our mind, body and soul. It is at this time that we must be soft to ourselves and reach out if necessary to the ones that mean so much to us. To pick up the phone and let our thoughts out to the people that we trust won't judge us. We have to find what in our lives truly brings happiness to our hearts and invest our time in the parts of life that make us happy. Being truly happy and loving ourselves comes from the inside and not from the quick fixes that surround all of us in this day and age. We must not succumb to the endless amounts of distraction. Sit and read a book that makes you happy, take a long or short walk and listen to the beautiful sounds of nature. Listen to music that makes you feel energized and happy and brings out you personal emotions and listen and feel those emotions. Meditate; thinking of the person that you want to be and not the person that society wants you to be. Write down you goals for the day or for the year or whatever you feel is right. There is so much to be seen and realized that most of the people on this earth never realize. To see these wonderful things however takes a lot of discipline and hard work. We must stick to our devotion of self love and the world as we know it will change in ways that we never imagined. Doors will open; people that we never thought that we would meet will suddenly appear and bring joy and harmony into our lives. I promise you that all the happiness is inside all of us and when we can tap into our god given resources everything will fall into place. God Bless

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