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ADVICE FROM MEN PLEASE! -- taking friendship to next level

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i've been "friends" with a guy for a few months. in the past month, we've been really spending a lot of time together, having a lot of fun, flirting (there is no doubt that we have chemistry and like eachother more than friends), talking, laughing... I mean, we have a great friendship (nothing physical has happened yet).

From what i understand, he hasn't had a relationship (real one) for a few years, hes always been playing the field (one nighters, flings, sex)... but he sees something special with me, something he MAY want to take beyond friends, but he wants to really really make sure, because he doesn't want to get into it, find out he was never ready, and then lose something great (a best friend with me).

So far, we are just kickin it. I really really care for him and like him a great deal and would LOVE to test the waters with him. But he just doesn't know yet...because he doesn't want to hurt me and he respects me too much. He's 29... so hes at that point where he might want to settle down.


From a guy's point of view, what is going on thru his head? Does this happen a lot? I have never met a guy like him before... so thought out.

I always thought that if you wanted something, you just go out and get it. Isn't it that easy?

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eltee Hi. It's time to lay your cards of hearts on the table. Let him know that you want to take this relationship seriously. Make it known that you are not into this for sex or just somebody to make out with.


See what are his views. If he is still hesitant, that shows that he is not ready at all. Walk away. If he is sure about it, you have our blessings.


All the best yah?

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