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connection between self-injury and sexuality/gender confusion...?

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Hey guys,


Well the title says the topic.


Its a pattern i've constantly noticed with loads of people... self-injury often seems connected at least by correlation to sexuality or gender identity confusion.


Has anyone else noticed that?


Anyone understand why it may be?


Could it be that self-hate or denial of sexuality feelings lead to self-harm perhaps?


A direct quote from 'Bodily Harm' by Dr. Lader and Karen Conterio, founders of the S.A.F.E alternatives programme:


Almost all male and female self-injurers experience tremendous identity and gender confusion. Many are unsure of their sexual orientation, and few derive much pleasure from sexual intimacy. Most of our patients report that they far prefer hugging, snuggling, and kissing to genital sexual contact.

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I wouldn't have said so...


sexuality confusion maybe, but its a bit strong to say all teenagers go through gender confusion, i.e. girls want to be male, boys wanting to be female. Surely thats less than half so the words most and many are misplaced?


ughhh.... I meant sexuality confusion. I'm gonna stop talking now. hahahahah

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