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My ex and I broke up over a year ago, im NC for almost 10 months.


It was a bad break up, she took all the house contents, got the police involved etc.


I found out yesterday she is in a lot of trouble financially, so much, as one work colleague of hers remarking im surprised she can even afford to come to work.


I still care, love I dunno.


Shes with someone else now, im seeing someone too.


Its pulled a heart string and got me concerned for her, I just dunno what to do.


Thoughts ?

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Personally I think it's normal to feel something when someone you were close to gets themselves into trouble, but getting involved for any reason (and you're not sure what you can do to help - even if you can) could cause you both a lot of trouble.

It's not your place, you have both moved on. If she reaches out for friendship and help, then that's entirely different but I doubt she going to feel that good about you knowing she''s gotten herself into a spot of bother. Let her boyfriend support her.



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No, what you're feeling is natural but you are no longer with her and should keep your distance. How do you know that this isnt a ploy and if its true and you reach out to her what are you going to do is she opts to call the police again. Never intervene when karma sets in. Recently my ex of two weeks faced losing his job and I felt bad for him but he lied to me about being married for two years so I chalked it up to karma and told him I was sorry to hear that.NC every since.

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like i told someone else, don't try to be a 'rescuer.' your ex is a grown adult, she can take care of herself. don't let your head or heart fool you into using this as an excuse to get involved with their life again.


she has her own life, you have yours as well. continue living yours and being well.

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