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I feel sick almost every single day.

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I talked to my boyfriend (who has an ulcer) and he says he thinks I have one too. I eat WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY too much spicy food, like, its the main thing I eat and I think I drink too much alcohol (not in an alcoholic way, but, when I drink, I have one too many) and yeah, thats not good. I'm gonna cut waaaaaaaay back on both. This can't continue. I'm not gonna kill myself over this CRAP. And I just took a few acid reducers.


and yes, we actually are moving cross country soon i had to quit my new job because of it. a lot of stuff going on.


ugh im just so hungry but i cant eat .

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Spicy food is not good to eat all the time. It can rip your stomach intestines to pieces, especially when all your mixing it with is alcohol. It's ok to drink and eat it once in a while but you need to get yourself on a healthy food plan. Not eating enough can cause ulcers, however eating the wrong thing all the time can as well. Stress is a factor, specially with alcohol. Bad mix. You need to go see a doctor and explain your habits so that he/she can help you get back on track with your body or you will end up damaging yourself permanently.

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Yup I have IBS and it is a living HELL.

i cant imagine. it was horrible for him, too.


i have acid reflux which is pretty bad all on its own, but ibs, ugh.


back to the topic, though. i don't think everyone should be so adamant that it *IS* an ulcer. true, it's very possible. but there are dozens of other things that are, as well. so , to the drs!

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So I was at work today and I wasnt feeling good as usual and then I was at lunch and my insides felt sunburnt (seriously.) and I was feeling short of breath so I had to leave and went to the doctor. oh boy. he gave me like 4 prescriptions and pepto to take lol and all this list of food to avoid (including alcohol.boo), which sucks because im a vegetarian and those things are a main part of my diet. But, i'll find a way to make it work, guess I have to if I want to get better and not worse. Glad I went to the doctor. Hope I feel better tomorrow at work.

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