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How to get beyond friendship, or skip friendship all together?


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So, I don't know what section this suppose to be in...so...I'm gonna assume its suppose to be here. Anywho, I've been told recently by a couple of friends when people first meet me, they say I come off as a friend...which isn't a bad thing. Now lets say I met some girl for the first time and I thought she was cute, and wanted to explore beyond friendship...


How do I go bout that? More so, how does everyone go from not knowing someone to dating someone in a matter of weeks? Any input is appreciated...cause to be honest, I do like this girl, but to her were friends, but that's another story for another day

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the most important thing to building a relaionship is a good friendship.

if you know how to be friends with her, you will get her ALOT more (plus avoid alot of misunderstanding parts of her personality later on).


get to know her as a friend, but at the same time dont be scared to flirt/cuddle/kiss her when the right time comes.


basically just flirt, dont treat her like a sister or anything if you get what i mean


good luck man

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Hahaha, now it makes sense, but how do you become friends with a girl who is kinda resistant? Plus its kinda hard not to be friends with her cause I'm closer with the girl's best friend


So rushing things ain't good...gotcha...lol, be friends and work your way up, or try at least hahah

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