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Have you ever sent a letter to a "celebrity"?

Sweet Venus

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Wow I can't believe I am confessing this. When Welcome Back Kotter was on, um, I wrote to Ron Palilo - I guess I was about 14?. Yes I had a crush on Horshack. I don't think he wrote back, what a heartbreaker.


I had a friend who wanted to meet a local newscaster (who is now a celebrity). She had a huge crush - so she got tickets to his show, and went backstage after. They actually went on a few dates! She said he was quite arrogant.

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Haha batya..I wrote a fan letter to Ricky Schroder when I was like 11 or 12. LOL

I think they sent me one of those pre autographed photos. I was SO happy because I was sure HE sent it personally!!!


I think we should assume it was and that he's been pining away for you ever since - why not? ;-)

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I have a weird story about this. I found out about this about 2 years after it happened.


Anyway a friend of mine (he was about 30 at the time) heard that Lloyd Cole (of Lloyd Cole and the Commotions) was soon to tour Australia. Somehow he knew that Lloyd Cole liked golf and so he wrote to Lloyd’s manager saying he would be happy to take Lloyd to play at his golf club when he was in Australia.


Amazingly they came back and said yes so my mate spent the day playing golf then having lunch with Lloyd and a couple of the band members.


I thought it was a very weird thing to do but amazing result

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I wrote to an author I really, really like and they wrote me back...I was blown away, totally. I remember editing my email to him about 100 times over but his had spelling and syntax errors.

Regardless my admiration for him skyrocketed.


I should mention that he's not a super famous author...


I know I've been tempted to write some celebrities to tell them to please stop hogging the limelight and that their 15 minutes of fame has totally expired!!!!!

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True. Never cared much for him anyway...his far left attitude turns me off.

No fan mail to Georgey Porgey from me..lol


I saw this guy in a sportscar in Sydney, he looked through the window at me, and I saw his face for about five seconds (stopped next to each other at traffic lights) - to this day I am CONVINCED it was George Clooney.

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