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Hi, I am a 17 male college student looking for some use full advice.


So back in July I met a girl at a college induction day at first I didn't show any interest in her but I was very attracted to her and she asked for my msn address and phone number. At the induction day I heard her mention she didnt want to be with who she was with forever. Anyway as we got to know each other and met up on various occasions and began to get deeper and deeper feelings for her and I was sure she felt the same way back as she kept telling me she wanted the confidence to tell someone how she felt, asked how she could prove she was a lady to me and even asked me straight out if I liked her( I didnt give her a direct response). Anyway one day I was out with someone she also knows who said she was still with her boyfriend who she had been seeing for a while I'm guessing this is the same guy she mentioned at the induction day. Anyway i've met him however she has never said he's her boyfriend and tends to say I'm meeting my mate and when he tries to kiss and touch her when I'm around she shakes him off.

To make things more complicated were on the same college course and together pretty much all the time which makes things hard because I have strong feelings for her and I cant get away from her for the next 2 years. Ive tried going for other girls but its not the same as the connection we have.

So do I tell her how I feel? or do I continue playing it cool? I really need some good advice on this so any is welcome, thanks!

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I have a friend that has been with her boyfriend for 3 years and is kind of bored and is not sure whether she is in love with him or not. I asked her - why don't you just break up with him? She answered - I'm going to need a guy to pull me away from him, I'm not gonna break up with him and be alone for no reason.


This sounds like your girl. She has her boyfriend. She probably wants something new and exciting, maybe better, and she's not gonna leave her boyfriend until its a sure bet. I'm guessing thats why she keeps hanging around you and sending you mixed signals while still being with her boyfriend. Or, maybe she just wants the validation of having more than just one guy like her.


If you came on really strong, told her how much more you like her, etc, you might be able to pull her away from her bf. But seriously - do you really want to date a girl who's sending mixed signals to other guys when she's with her bf? Would you be really able to trust this girl?

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