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Hostile work environment-what to do???


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I need some advice regarding my workplace. I've been working for a particular employer for the last five months. Of those five months four of them have been nearly impossible to work in as I have an employer who is rude, abrasive, inappropriate and down right mean 90% of the time. They treat there employees very poorly and as a result work moral has gone down to almost nothing. Recently, my boss showed up in our worksite and exclaimed that she was sick of all the "whispering" and that it had to stop. Frankly, they are paranoid because they are aware there staff is talking about them and how terrible they are. Anyhow, that day after I and another coworker left two other coworkers were informed that she wasn't reprimanding them but actually me and the other coworker who left with me!! This is enough to make my stomach flip bc I NEVER gossip at work unless I'm more than a 100 yards from the building or far, far away from their prying ears. I feel wrongfully accused and feel like I have to clear my good name. The ironic part is that the two coworkers who "got off the hook" gossip and whisper all the time!


The catch is that before finding this out I quit this job. I told them I would give them one week notice as per the labour board since I've been there for less than one year. Well...I have three days of work left and feel so stressed about all the crap I've put up with I have very little desire to finish my last week. Should I call them on it and tell them I will not becoming in for the remaining three days as a result of their actions?

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