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Feeling unwanted


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Hm, today feeling a bit down...


Just feeling a little unwanted. My ex mentioned today that he doesn't want a relationship again, (well that's not a surprise but still it's a rejection from reconciling) and the guy I've had a crush on for a little bit seems also to be feigning interest (see previous post on here).


I see a lot of guys checking me out and flirting, but just ... nothing! No dates, and certainly no boyfriends. I don't know why it is so hard to meet someone...


I have high esteem, look good, smart, accomplished, outgoing, I don't let it get to my head (despite perhaps what this sounds like) so I'm just not sure when this boyfriend thing is going to work out!


It's hard after rejection and seemingly little 'real' interest to not take it to heart.


I'm tall so maybe that puts guys off (6ft)... er, I dunno anymore

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What activities do you do where you meet other single people, men and women? How many people have you asked in the last week to introduce you to single men? Last month? Do you answer ads on line? If not, why not?


I believe in being proactive but not desperate. the "stop looking" has a great romantic appeal and works great in movies" - when it does "work" it makes for a great story.

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Just stop looking.. and try to enjoy your life, with friends and family, hobbies go out and have fun... and when your not looking or even care a guy will come into your life...


i am 6,4 i see lots of my friends who are very intimated by taller women... most guys tend to be between 5,6-6,1.. and you being 6 even though they find you attractive.. they are a little put off by it... most guys wanna feel taller then there SO...


like i said stop looking and worrying about it.. and have fun and one day the right guy will come into your life..

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