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How Many has actually gotten back together with an ex after long NC


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You know what, as I write this, I think that I know I'd never want to get back together with her if she hasn't changed as a person, but if she had? I really don't know...hmmm....interesting


I think most people feel this way about relationships after they have ended. As much as people have advocated that relationships end for a reason and they should never be revisited, I think its just human nature for us to want consider wanting back into one, no matter how they ended. But it does come with the notion that both parties probably want the other to change/improve themselves. Hell, even people that have cheated on their spouses and break up with them sometimes come back, and some of these couples actually stay together for the rest of their lives. Ya just never know. Ugh, love is weird.

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My friend told me a story about one of her friends. The friend's boyfriend broke up with her. For three years they had NC but would occasionally run into each other say hi and move on. The girl didn't date anyone for three years. Then three years later they ran into each other again, he called her, and now they're engaged to be married.

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I think some people take NC a bit literally. Completely ignoring your ex is not apart of NC. If they call you don't not call them back. Also NC is not always a good idea depending on your situation. For example, if you dumped your ex and you want them back. You would think its common sense, but some people just have no clue.

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It's hard to answer this question since my life isn't over yet and you never know what will happen. Personally, I have been in an on/off relationship for over two years. Right now we're broken up with LC, which will ultimately either lead to getting back together or forcing myself to go NC.


There have been a couple times in the course of this relationship where I was certain that it was over for good and forced myself to go NC. Both of these periods lasted about a month each. However, when my ex broke NC both times with simple text messages, I found myself falling for him hard immediately and forgiving him. I had had enough time to get over my anger and heartache, but probably not enough time to gain confidence in myself and my ability to be alone without him.


I can't tell you yet if I've had a happy ending, because I'm not sure when or if this entire thing will end.


This probably didn't help much, but it's my story.

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