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Bf on craigslist..browsing for sexual encounters/escorts...


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I kinda agree that he shouldn't be crucified for just looking, though he does deserve a warning. I've actually placed an ad there myself; I was setting up a brother's bachelor's party and needed to hire dancers. So there are legitimate - or at least less scummy - reasons to be on that site...

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It depends... he does need to fess up though! The fact he's lying is yes a red flag. My bf said to my face he'd never chat or message (and pressumbably everything else). I believe what he's said to me. Your man is lying- not a good sign at all.


I said it before and I'll say it again...the fact that he DENIED being on the site is a HUGE RED FLAG!

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I'm sure there are a lot of people that look at the ads out of curiosity......I'm guilty of that myself and I'm certainly not looking to hook up with anyone. Sometimes, I like to scan the ads because they are soo freaking cheesy and I need a good laugh.


That's what I was wondering. Some of those are downright hilarious as are the responses.


Edit: Ok, so he lied about being on the sites. You probably caught him off guard and he played the first rule "Deny Everything." My husband denied looking at porn sites and having his own way with himself, I know he did because, I caught him once in the act. I asked him about it later and he was so embarrassed he denied everything. Let your guy know that he can be honest with you, if he's curious, don't hide it, just talk about it with you, and that you're cool enough not to overreact if he's just mildly curious. Don't make it look like you're going to grill his sack on a skewer.

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i've browsed that stuff- not with the intention of hiring someone ...but because i'm amazed that that stuff exists! lol


Advising someone to leave their relationship based on our own past experience isn't giving anyone a fair shot.


Let's first find out if the dude had an actual ad up .. or he was just browsing- if he was just browsing - well then she should keep an eye out and see what happens...but it could all be perfectly innocent.. you never know.


Then again it could be exactly what everyone thinks.. if that is the case ... run to the nearest exit.


yeah, that's a good point - it is entirely possible that he's just on there browsing ads as a goofball hobby, but has no intent to cheat at all. ie, if someone said, 'hey - could you check out so and so's profile - i have a date with him on saturday - do you think he's cute...?' etc...


definitely, i think if he's the 'cheating/bad' bf type, he'll be bad in other ways - not respectful of your needs, being rude, etc.... if he is a model bf in every other way, then you likely don't have anything to worry about.

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Thats hilariously funny! I have to admit that I have browsed those sections of Craig's List just to read some of the ridiculous posts...NOT because I'm looking for anyone else (never have, never will). The most recent one I read was two college girls who were advertising to be "exotic cleaners"....apparently, they will clean your house dressed as up or down as the home owner requires Their rates were a bit steep though...

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There you have it. Some people do just look. So telling someone they have to leave becuase they found someone browsing that stuff isn't giving anyone a fair chance. I could post the very same story about my bf looking at stuff like that and you'd all scream he's cheating when in fact he is JUST LOOKING.


It's based on trust. Do you trust your partner who says "he's just looking"? I do. Or do you trust that little voice in your head telling you he isn't "just looking?" Go with what you trust.


That little comment about "as far as you know" really pissed me off. YOU KNOW NOTHING about "what I know" Thanks. REDHEART. Don't put useless thoughts into my head about MY partner cheating on ME! I never doubted nor, asked for input.

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Just to add to the consensus, when I bored browsing online I love to look at Craigslist personal ads! I look at every category (and yes some of them do have naughty pictures), some of them are funny, some are weird, some are boring, some are kinda hot.... I've always enjoyed reading personal ads, even as a teen we used to always get the alternative newspaper so we could read all the ads!


It's kind of a voyeurism.. and does not mean he is cheating! The fact that he lied about it, well only you know him and the situation. Do you think he was lying out of embarrassment or to cover something up?

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Just have to throw in a word here and say that I totally agree with MollyElise.


I have trawled these sorts of personals ads on and off for years, and never once have I ever taken any steps to meet anyone from them. BUT, only you know the character of this guy.

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Amen to that!


I disagree. I have private conversations with my friends that are private from my bf - either about working on something in the relationship or private about me that I don't feel comfortable sharing with him - and there is no way that is cheating. I also don't share my e-mail password with him (and vice versa). I think it is healthy to have some privacy and some private space from your partner.

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