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How do I get my ex girlfriend back? I need help!


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My girlfriend of 18 months broke up with me on sept 11 and I cant get her off my mind. She was entering 1st year university and I was entering second year. We had a great summer and an amazing relationship. We had some bumps along the way but we always managed to smooth them out and we became stronger because of it.

Anyway she was just starting her frosh week and her best friend had moved into residence so she spent a lot of her time there with her best friend. Since it was her frosh week I decided to give her all the space she wanted because I knew it was important to her and also I couldnt get into any of the events because I was second year. So the week went along and around sept 4th one of her friends from residence broke up with ehr boyfriend and not even 4 days later my ex's best friend broke up with ehr boyfriend of 16 months. Not even a week later my ex texts me while i was at the gym to ask if I could go to her house for a little while because she still lived at home while she was attending university. So I said "sure no problem, I'm on my way" and then she sits me down on the couch and tells me that theres no spark between us anymore. she also continued to say things like "We're so young how do I know if you're the one for me if I dont get out there and meet new people and try new things, you're the only one I have ever loved" and "It's becoming too routine and I have lost feelings for you, its not the same as it was". Naturally I was very surprised by all of this because not even 2 weeks before this we were holding hands, very loving to each other, and having fun together. While she was telling me this she was very emotional and crying constantly as I was too. She kept telling me that she loved me and that I meant so much to her but I was just very confused over everything. I got up to leave after about 10-15 minutes but she grabbed me by the hand and hugged me for a long time and then kissed me about 8 times while crying her eyes out. I then simply said I was going home and I got in my car but i seen her pacing in her house with her hands over her face crying. I pleaded with her when I got home to give it another chance and I told her she was the only one for me and no one else would do. She just proceeded to stand tough on her decision.

The next day I asked if she would meet me so I could clear some things up that I was confused about. We met in a parking lot and i sat in her car and talked to her about things. She sat there in the car with her legs crossed on the seat, sunglasses on, and was just staring straight ahead for most of the time. she said that the other girls breaking up with their boyfriends had no influence on her decision even though i knew she wouldnt have done it if her best friend didnt do it. I was emotionally devastated by her coldness towards me as I didnt say or do anything wrong. Ever since I havent talked to her on msn, called her, texted her, or done anything to initiate contact with her. She hasnt talked to me at all since either and when I see her in between classes I give her a nice smile and friendly wave but she gives me an awkward kind of wave and a sullen half smile. She hardly even looks at me. I reflected to think if i did anything wrong but I can think of nothing. My friends who talk to her say that she asks how I am doing but then quikly changes the subject when they ask what went wrong between us. I act positive and cheerful when I see her but my friends say that she said its too awkward to talk to me now as a friend because we went out for so long.

I am very confused by the whole ordeal and everyone that knew us are very surprised because they said things like "you guys are so compatible and its a joy to watch you two together". Her mother even said that shes even acting weird towards her and her father like she holds it against them that she has to stay at home for her first year of university and only gives them one word answers. We had a great relationship and a great summer full of trips and seeing each other a lot but she said she's been thinking about breaking up for a while now even though i'm convinced it has something to do with her frosh week. Can anyone shed some light on my situation or even better suggest ways in which to get her back? I feel I am lost without her and I dont know what to do with myself anymore because she is constantly on my mind. It hurts more and more each day and its been 12 days. to go from talking to each other everyday and seeing each other at least 5 times a week to not even wanting to look at me is confusing me to the fullest extent. We would always tell each other that we loved one another and we always had fun no matter what we did.....i just dont know what happened...anybody want to offer some help or advice? I am in desperate need. Thanks for taking the time to read my experience.

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