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So I got my friend a job with me...


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My friend had been out of a serious job for several months. He was working parttime at a really low paying place and was hurting for more money. So I got him a job at my workplace, in a "helper" position to my job. So pretty much, he only works when I work and he acts as an assistant to me.


He likes the job, he takes it seriously. My problem is that when he gets stressed at work, he snaps at me. I'll ask him a simple question like if he's seen a random object I'm looking for or if he's done a task yet(again, not in a rude or impatient way, just asking) and half the time he'll respond with the most impatient, snappy tone ever and be a total * * * * to me. I'm getting tired of it and I tell him this all the time and it doesn't change. I halfway wish we'd hired a new person instead because maybe a new person would have more respect for me at work. When he's like this, it puts me in a bad mood and it bothers me afterwards. It's starting to change the way I feel about him as a friend. I don't want him to lose his job(not that I'm in a position to fire him), I just want him to stop with the unnecessary rude behavior. Advice?

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