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Currently, I am in love with a girl I live by. We have known each other for awhile now, maybe a full year.. She going out with another guy right now, and they aren't going to well and it may be over soon. She and I had a thing about a few weeks ago(even when she was going out with her BF) and now.. its like we barely know each other.. I have no idea what happened. I text her every so often, but I feel like I am bugging her or something. She told me that she isn't liking her bf because of his choices in life and what hes been doing. (I have no idea what hes been doing, I don't really want to ask / bug her about it)


We talked about us having a relationship back when everything was nice. We both really liked each other and I knew she did. We would hangout like.. everyday after school. I would go over to her house, and she'd come over to mine. Everything was just so nice, now it is a mess. Im not sure what to do with this girl I love so much. She said shes going to break up with her BF soon, and wants to take a break. But after that break I'd really like to be with her..


help anyone? this is stressing me out really bad ](*,)

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She is using you to get rid of her current bf, best would be to look in her past and you would see her behaving this way every time she is leaving a bf, get someone els. Ignore her for awhile and you will see she turns to someone els to use as a excuse of some sort to get away from her current bf.

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