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How to cope

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A while ago me and my now ex girlfriend broke up and i'm finding it hard to cope. Within the past year or so we've gone out 3 times. First time was a while ago sometime near July or something last year, we went out for 9 days or so and then we broke up cause we didn't get to see each other as much as we needed to and i didn't make much of an effort to get in contact. a few months after that we went out again for 3 months, i made a lot more of an effort and it paid off until the break up. I still had feelings for her for a while after that but i got over it pretty quickly.


Now we've broken up again about 2-3 months ago and we're still very close and since then i have not been able to shake feelings for her and i don't really want to. Problem is she talks about this other guy who is a complete jerk and in my opinion only wants to get in her pants and its gotten to the point where i just can't take it and i want to... do... something.


My best friend says i've got to get over her but i just can't, i'm young dumb and in love. HELP!!!

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Your not dumb

Teenage love is a nightmare.

I have been in love with the same person since i was thirteen and i dont think i will ever shake my feelings for him.

If you love her and don't want to get over her, my best advice is comunication.

You said you were still very close to her, so thereforee you should beable to talk to her about it?

If she is talking about this other guy to you, she must value your opinion?

And thereforee if you tell her how you feel and that you feel the guy is a 'jerk'

then she should listen to you.

All you can do is try, if you dont you may end up regretting it forever.

Could there be a possibility that she is trying to make you jelous with talking about this other guy? and maybe she still has feelings for you but is worried you may not put enough effort into the relationship?


Sorry if this hasnt helped much


Good luck.

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