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When you broke NC, were you stronger....


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When you broke NC, were you stronger in the future after the realization you did something so stupid?


I was doing well for almost 3 months and bam without much thought, I called her twice in once week. After the second time calling her it did not bother so much until the next day came around. I have felt pretty crappy the last several days just because I had a moment of weakness.


Calling did me absolutely NO good and I have regrets now because it seemed that I put myself out there for nothing. I just hope this moment of weakness makes me stronger and I have vowed to never contact her again unless she contacts me first since I put the ball in her court.

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It WILL make you stronger! You now know, and hopefully can, acknowledge how you felt at the time which resulted you into giving up on NC to contacting her.


It's like failing a test... next time around we study harder and know where we need to focus on.


Do the same... we all make mistakes, but it's far more important to learn from them than to beat ourselves over it. If it makes you feel any better I crapped out on my NC the first week, heh. It's natural to make mistakes, we're only humans... Now I've gone through 5 weeks of NC and I don't want anything to do with her at all!


She's dead to me now, the one person I loved is now dead and in its place is this woman who loves me not. The relationship I once had is very much alive and I shall cherish and learn from it for years to come.

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