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Ah the big question..should i delete him

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well, if u need some background info on my breakup just read my previous posts.

i miss him like crazy, im still so sad and devestated, but, im trying to heal as best i can. so, that being said, should i delete him from my facebook? it seems to cause alot of grief for many ppl trying to heal...stupid question but i guess im just looking for some answers

we ended on ok terms...of course i did not want to break up, but there was no fighting, yelling, anything like that. I think now that i think more about it, he is just trying to be on his own and live his own life for a while. Idk...but should i delete?

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It might not do any good. My ex got a facebook right after dumping me and wouldn't add me as a friend (stupid facebook, ruining people's lives.) anyway now I like fight the urge to go to it every time I'm on facebook anyway. Will you check it anyway? Don't delete it unless you're ready to delete him.. figuratively. It's just like how I deleted my ex's number from my phone, but I still have it memorized. So what's the difference? You have to be able to convince yourself he doesn't matter to you whether you delete him or not.

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Yes, do what is easiest for you. I deleted mine from facebook, and it was a lot easier. But also, I was'nt trying to protect his feelings, I was only interested in protecting mine. If you think it would hurt him, delete your own account or stop signing in for a few days until it cools off and you can objectively think about w hether you want to delete him. Stay away from facebook and try to aim for healing so that not thinking about him will be easie.r

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Yes, I would recommend it - it will remove some of the temptation to check up on him and see how he is doing. The sooner you do cut out all traces of him (including virtual) and really start creating your own life again without him in it, the better and faster you will heal. Trust me -- having access to his page is like opening Pandora's box (you may check it all the time to see what he is up to, what if there are posts from other girls, people you don't know, etc.), it could really drive you nuts.


I'm suggesting this because I would check my ex's page constantly and it just delayed the healing, causing setbacks, saw pictures of him and other people and it hurt horribly. It was very very hard for me to move on. Its like purposely torturing yourself. Don't do it.


You need to be good to yourself and take care of you and heal!


Besides - you can always add him again later

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if it will annoy you delete him if not leave him there.



I personally would delete Facebook full stop, is the spawn of the devil and is put on this earth to torture the brokenhearten and the weak of spirit.


dont be living your lives on a keyboard , live it in the real world.

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