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What can I do with my "friend"?


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I've posted about this guy before and he's really hit rock bottom...


There's this guy I've known for about 3 years now. We didn't talk much but got back in contact when bumping into each other about a year ago. Since then we've hung out a lot and he really confides in me. He calls me his best friend, but the feeling really isn't reciprocated. It just seems like he uses me for my money. He's a LEECH.


For example, he got caught with weed and had to pay $500 in court fines. He didn't have a job at the time, so he asked if I could help him out with it and once he got a job, he'd pay me back. I said fine and gave it to him. 5 months later he still doesn't have a job. I ask him about it and he tells me the economy is so bad that he can't get it, but he will one day. Yet he always wants to hang out to go get weed, beer, etc...he can't give me that money for some reason. Then he has court AGAIN for another charge and needs $100 for it. Guess who he asked? Yep, ME! He's had months to get it yet he can't even muster up the money because he's using it for drugs/alcohol.


Then he'll pressure me into driving him around to get weed, beer, etc., and asks me for misc. money all the time. In all I think I've wasted well over 2 grand on this guy (not even including gas charges to drive him everywhere) and he's paid back about $50 of it. He keeps telling me he'll pay me back but I feel used...All he ever wants to do is get wasted or high. It's really pathetic.


and then he calls me about 20 times a day and I'll pick my phone up to have about 5 voicemails from him. The act is getting tired...he's a very manipulative person and it's draining me emotionally along with my wallet...


I don't even know why I answer my phone anymore for him. What can I do with this guy?

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Perhaps confront him (but not angrily) and tell him that you think he is being unfair. If he is indeed a good friend, he should respect your standpoint and acknowledge that he is becoming a burden to you. If not, then perhaps lessen contact with him slightly. Life is short and it's not worth spending time being unhappy or irritated.

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