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This is confusing.... any advice?


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Ok.... I have a long story and I'll try to summarize it....


Where do I begin? Ok, well theres this guy.. lets call him Kalob.., I have known Kalob since september of 2007... so about a year.... he and I were always friends.. (we were on the same soccer team all the way up until may of two thousand and eight). I didn't really get to know him very well until i guess april-ish.... thats when he got a cell phone. We had a couple brief conversations but nothing really long. Late May was our soccer banquet and i had just gotten over my last i guess sorta like a boyfriend but not official. We hung out the whole night, lots of smiling and laughing and all that. that night i left the banquet around 8, 9:15 i get a call from Kalob, and we just started talking, he told me that he had fun and it was good seeing me, then he said that he wasnt sure if he was going to be homeschooled again bc at the time his parents were getting a divorce. he told me how much he didnt want to be public schooled and that hee hated his parents divorcing. it was around then i started having feelings for him.


Ok lets advance to July. I am very good friends with his sorta kinda ex-girlfriend (amy) but they have remained friends for ever and amy looks at kalob as more of a brother than anything. Well amy invited me to her church (kalobs old church) and so i got there and we went into the youth center and kalob was in there. he had came with a friend of his that still went to that church. he came over to me and amy and gave us both hugs... we had the bible study and after words we hung out in the youth center talking and all that. he said his parents got back together and i could see the happiness in his face. after we were done hanging out he and amy walked me to my car and hugged me bye and that was the end of it. a couple weeks later amy's church had a picnic and invited me and another friend of ours and we went to that and i didnt know it but kalob was coming. he showed up a little late but when he came around to the back of the church and i saw him my heart literally skipped a beat. he came over to me and amy hugged me said hi then huged amy and said hi. as that night went on me amy and kalob all hung out. later on amy and our other friend were talking well me and kalob thought we'd kick the soccer ball around for the fun of it. well some other littler kids joined in and we were all playing. well kalob goes 'lets keep it away from katie' and laughed well when i got a hold of the ball we were running around and he was chasing me playfully. i was in the grass and he was tickling my sides which startled me and i fell to the ground but i was still holding the ball. he would tickle me until i let go. then it got dark my dad came to pick me up and once again kalob hugged me bye and that was the end of it.



we called each other every once in a while, but didnt have any long conversattions until prob. late august. kalob isnt able to play soccer this season just because at the time of sign-ups his parents were still going to send him to public schools. and this season on my soccer team i am stuck with a guy that very few people like i cant stand him and neither can kalob (another thing we have in common). i called him after my first soccer practice ha bc i hadnt talked to him in a while and also to complain about my practice with this horrible guy. and one thing led to another and we talked for 2 hours. and we would have ended up talking longer but my phone started dying. i called him again about 5 days later bc he had mentioned in out previous conversation that he wanted to come see a soccer game, i was going to tell him the date and everything, well i got voicemail and didnt leave a message bc i knew he doesnt check them. i called back the next day and the voicemail had changed to his fathers name. come to find out he no longer has a cell phone. on top of that he lives 30-45 minutes away..... and neither of us can drive. hes old enough, he just doesnt have his liscence.


well this past friday he showed up at my soccer game (his older brother took him, his older brother was on the team last season too.) he told me hi gave me a hug and we kinda went our separate ways for a little while bc i had to meet with my team. well myt coach sent us off to our friends and said strech on your own. i went over with him and a bunch of friends of both of ours... i was streching and there is this one strech called the lunge curl short summary its a lunge but you use both hands to hold your back leg. and it takes ballance. i look over at kalob and he gives me this smile and points his index finger toward me i said 'you wouldnt dare' and he goes 'oh yes i would' and pushes me over playfully. well later that night the game started and after the game (we lost) he came over and gave me a hug and said we tried hard and played good. we were talking... and amy was with some guy that she also considered like a brother but the other guy didnt consider her a sister. and kalob had this look on his face and i said 'whats wrong' and he goes 'nothing just being partly jelous' that threw me off.


now let me give you some small background and i swear ill be done. kalob and amy used to date. kalob got mad at amy and asked another girl out. they were together for like 5 months. kalob dumped the other girl because he wasnt mad at amy anymore. amy forgave but didnt want a dating relationship with him anymore. when kalob did this his parents had just split up he was going through a lot and at the time he didnt have a very good relationship with Christ. everybody has forgiven kalob. but he still has a hard time dealing with what he did. he just feels regret for hurting that other girl now this was like 1year to 2 years ago when he got mad at amy etc.


so i think he still has some sort of feelings for amy.... but by the way hes acting.... does he like me?

and there is only other small problem.....hes 16.... im 14.... does that really make a whole lot of difference???


i know i rambled i appologize but this has really been troubling me and any advice would be greatly appreciated!


thanks, Katie

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I'd say that he like you, and just has a little jealousy thing going on.


As stupid as it sounds, a lot of guys, when they break up with their gf (and visa versa I spose), don't necessarily want their girlfriends back, but it doesn't man they're happy about someone else having them either.


I'd say just ask him, straight out, but nicely. Sounds like a decent enough guy, assuming he's matured since he went out with your friend.

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