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hey again....ok since no one answered to my first one...im gonna ask soemthing else...im a girl, and i sometimes feel attracted to girls, i liek guys too i mean i have a boyfriend but sometimes i just have an urge to make out with a girl, it just feels so much sexier and it makes me feel sexy...am i bisexual or is it just a fantasy? just thought i would add that i have kissed a girl...4 girls actually thats wut made me love it!!...but i just dont knwo if its somehting i do for fun or if its something i do cuz it´s ME...??

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You probaly are bi and just cant figure out if thats what you want, I am female and have kissed other females but that dosnt nessassarly mean im bi It does make you feel sexy beacuse knowing that we as females like to be felt sexier by other females. You may be try it and find out you might ennjoy it!

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Ok here is the thing. I am a lesbian and my recent ex was not. She was still wanting to be with men and we were in a off and on relationship for three yrs. She had a hard time deciding what she wanted. You see even though I am a lesbian I am still atracted to men but when it comes to my feelings they are for the women. I get this feeling of completion with a women that I do not get when I was with men.

You have to ask yourself what do u feel inside when you kiss a women. Does it make you feel something you have never felt before and If so don't hide it away it will make things worse for yourself. You have to sort through your feelings. OK. But as far as being Bi. No I don't think so b/c it is very hard to have feelings for two different sex's. One is always stronger. This is whats happening with my ex. So please just think it through. You have to decide. No one else.

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