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What doe he mean when he says he is BROKEN?


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Hi Guys,


I have just broken up with my partner as per previous posts. What does it mean when he says he is broken?


He does owe me money and said he will pay me back at $500.00 per month whichc will take two years.


Is he broken beacuse I have left or broken because he has basically f***** himself?

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This is what he sent on an email



all i can do is give you 500 per month as a minimum until it is paid, i'm a broken man so if thats not enough i'm sorry. i know you dont want contact personally so i will put it in your bank and email you each month

and it dont mean much but i'm sorry

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When I describe someone as broken, it means he went crazy. Sometimes literally, sometimes just attitude and perspectives changed. He won't work, won't play, won't clean up, keep himself clean, cook, eat or drink. He's "broken". He's not himself anymore and is someone almost entirely new.


But your guy seems "broke". 500 could be alot a month (it is to me). If you're a decent human being and can take his word he will pay you all of it, I'd take his offer as it is all he can proably afford. See it as him TRYING to do right.

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