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Need Help ! and new !


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Hi, I’m new to the forum and glad I found this place. Hopefully, you guys will be able to help and support me.


Here is my story, I will make it short.


Me and my gf are going out since August 17. I knew her a little bit for a month but since I was shy it took me the whole month to be together lol From the start I knew she was going 4 month away for her studies (you know exchange program thing at the university). So before she leaves, we made love and kinda made a packed that we gonna stay together and wait for each others. She really likes me. I told her that I will come see her at the end of October and she agreed.


Now It’s been a month that she is away, we`ve been talking on the phone and internet almost every day. Everything was fine, she tells me she misses me and I told her the same, we talk about anything. For the last couple of weeks, I ask her to tell her roommates if I can come to see her for a week. She told me she would talk to them.


So here is what happened: She told me that I can come so then I ask her I will book my ticket as soon as possible and probably at the end of October, then I asked when she was free so she can come pick me up.


After that she told me if she can ask a question, she asked: Do you believe in coincidences or not. I said yes then she said that I almost book 2 times the plane and I did something wrong to her before, then she tell me she doesn’t know what she is thinking , that it make her realize that she doesn’t know me a lot. She would have preferred to know me before she was going away.


Then I told her if she needs time to think and to talk to me when she wants. Then she said sorry, bye babe have a good day and xxxx.



Now what do I do, I`m freaking out here. Will I lost her, I really love her and I want to do everything that is possible to stay with her.

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