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No Escape it seems


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you close my eyes

nobody will know

you'll seal them off

and you'll guard the post


your days are rough

because their in your mind

an addiction they've become

Fueled by your desire


time is infinite, when you think of them

like a life-long purgatory

you don't want to let go

Want to punish, punish for feeling

punish for liking, loving, living


you walk to your room, a shell of a place

Fragmented memories, yell out to your brain

You shut it out, turn on the tv

put your head in a book, avoiding memories


you walk to the kitchen

get a glass to drink

you'll turn the tap

and think of them


their arms pressed around you

your lips meet their neck

passionate embrace

you feel like that will never be replaced


you start to suffocate

you must escape, you rush to your car

start the ignition

out the driveway your veer


your radios blasting

you listen to the song

I know this one you say, our favorite

and you try to sing along


Your stammer, your sob

Your tears cascade down

you cant escape, this cant disappear


But they'll be a point

when you start to heal

all the memories will fade, and tear

just be strong, and don't give way

tomorrow will always be a little easier than today

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