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Holly crap - second but really first date...


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Hi All!


I'll have second (but in reality first real) date with this girl I've met over net (so last time was a meetup, not a real date). We're both 29 and she seems pretty interested. I need suggestions where to go/what to do because being outside is not an option (weather is * * * * ty) and I think it's waaaay too soon for dinner at my place or something like that. Please, creative ideas.



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i don't know what sorts of events are going on in your area - do you live near a university? many times universities have interesting events going on. what about taking her to a show or concert of sorts? do you have a local newspaper? they often have a list of what is going on in the city for the next week - interesting ideas.

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Actually guys I was thinking about bowling (I never did it before so it will be a comedy) or billiard.


I dated a woman for a few months last year. For our first date I said "lets go bowling. I'm terrible at it, so at the minimum you'll get a good laugh at my expense."


So we went and I was terrible and she beat me, but it was fun. It seemed to be a big hit with her...


I just recommend you do something where your being active (I dont like dinner because you have to sit and look at each other for a few hours) and it's something where you can converse as you go (no movies etc)

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