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What is wrong with me ex?

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me and my ex were dating for 4 months,everything was good we told each other we loved each other


but by the end of the 4 months,we would fight everyday,then we broke up,we have been broken up for 3 months,but would still act like bf/gf and still would have sex,the sex was great


but the last 2 weeks,she told me she was not in love with me,nothing was there


last month she told me she was in love with me,but now she said nothing is there


I got so angry at her,I called her a fake bit*h and hung up in her face,and she text me back with a : (,I told her the next day that I apologize for calling her out her name


on her myspace it says she is in a relationship


and I haven't talked to her for 2 week since then


and it says she is in a relationship,and in her status it says she misses her babe


what kind of mess is that,I just don't get it

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it really depends how seriously she was taking messing around with you. It could be a rebound, or she could have just been using you until she was ready to jump in with a new guy sorry



she told me before,she was in love with me


so ionno


and what I found about the guy,he doesn't even really live down here


his works out of town,sometimes out of state


so I think thats pretty funny

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also I was reading the reverse psychology on rebounds


since she been with him,I haven't contact her or anything


and I notice zobra wrote,that as soon as the I love's you's start,the faster the rebound ends


I looked on her myspace,and the guy is already putting up pictures of hearts and lovey duvey cartoons on her comments


she said I was clingy,but it was two months into the fact,I started being like that


it is already 2 weeks and this guy is doing this



I don't think it was last long

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