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How many times should I call back a potential employer?


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Someone called me about a job application, but I missed the call and they left a message. I called them back fifteen minutes later, but I got no answer and no answering machine. (It just kept ringing and ringing.) I called back two more times a half hour later and got the same thing.


I was just wondering if I should keep trying or what? I'll obviously try to call back later, but I don't know if they can tell who's calling and I don't want them to think I'm overeager.

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I would keep calling. If they called you in the first place and you call back and you're getting no answer and no machine, I highly doubt they're sitting there watching your number appear on the caller ID going 'It's that stalker again! Don't answer!"


Try several times throughout the day, like 5 times or so. Or like someone else said, pop in there. If that's not an option, can you try shooting them an email?

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