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Rejection - Depression - Value Reversal for long ago ex !.

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Stuck in a vicious circle now, see a woman I find attractive, either let my feelings know or ask her out - get rejected, confidence and self esteem knocked - feel depressed over the rejection and miss the ex partner who's value is now as high as when I was originally in love with her !!!!! This is insane, I cant deal with this anymore ! My depression is getting severe as well as my value reversal.


All I can think about is the ex ! How **** up is that ! (Even have thoughts to contact her !!! - Will never do that- ).


Can anyone help me through this ?

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I can relate to this. Although I am not at the point yet of wanting to ask out other women, I also feel completely rejected and depressed. And I know just what you mean about your ex's value never seeming higher, I feel the exact same way. I guess the only thing to hang on to is that as time goes by, things will start to get easier. Maybe just try to keep yourself as busy as possible to help the time go by more seamlessly...


Sorry you're suffering with this. I know just how you feel.

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That's the risk every one of us take. None of us are immune to potential rejection, but it's the those people who "strive to fail" who end up getting the things they want in this life. If you're willing to fail, and willing to fail often and spectacularly, then be prepared for more of the same.


And when it comes to asking someone out, the best part is that if you're rejected, there are a million other women you could ask out next.

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This is normal, a rejection can set us back if we take it personally. You're down in the dumps from a recent break up so you're more than likely to be sinking so lowly.


Best tip to get on with dating is your confidence! Work on your self image first as that will boost your confidence, and just keep on asking women out. It also depends on where you're doing your seeking. Go to a seedy bar and you shall find whatever is seedy there, go to a library or university and you shall find what you seek there.


Women can smell confidence a mile away, so you really need to develop on that important aspect but still be the wonderful and funny you. Humor is important as well!


Start by working on your body image first to boost your confidence, and if you get rejected again, there are millions of women out there for you to happen accross, one day. So don't fret and don't take it personally. This is only a minor setback if you let it be and not blow it out of the water.


Just keep practicing your skills on chatting up women... if you fail! Practice makes perfect!

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