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Best way to end it.


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K so me and my ex have been kinda seeing eachother back again, and sleeping with eachother. We act like bf gf when we are around our friends, but we arent.. So i found out she * * * * ed some dude couple nights ago, and its funny cause since that night she has been ignoring me the whole time. Ive been ignoring her back this whole time.. Now i found this out from her friend who was there with her. Now what i wana kno is should i just keep ignoring her and never respond if she ever does try and contact me or should i send her a txt or something telling her that i kno about this and that this will be the last time she hears from me again.

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I should hope she didn't give you anything else by sleeping with other people. I was fortunate not to catch anything from my ex, when she slept around. She doesn't use protection because her casual partners didn't like it, and these are strangers she'd only just met.


Anyways... this is going to be hard on you because the two of you share the same circle of friends? If so, there would be more episodes of you guys bumping into each other. So avoidance is something you'd have a hard time keeping up with, and indeed enduring. To avoid her would mean you've lost your fair share of friends and support with whom you connect and like to be surrounded with on many levels. To endure you'd have to bear the likelihood of her being flirty with possible new partners or her just being self satisfied with your decision to call off everything.


What my advice for you is you should stay indifferent to her, null your feelings of being attached to her whenever you see her when you're out in a big group. If however there is nothing of the sort to be concerned with, the circle of same friends, then keep to yourself. This means no contact whatsoever. During this time of "No Contact" you're going to have to learn to let her go, can you do that though? Judging from your past break-up it may proof to be extremely hard on you, but you must do this for your own good!


Learn to let her go... this means no further contact at all! On the one hand though, I can't help but acknowledge that this was brought on by the two of you not going through the process of giving each other the necessary space needed to heal or to get your personal issues and confrontations sorted out and addressed.

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Is it me or are some girls evil? I seem to always pick the wrong ones and you might be in the same boat here my friend. Stay away my friend. I contacted her about a similar situation and she somehow turned it into my fault during the conversation...(haha my fault she slept, and is with another guy directly after a 2 year relationship) SILENCE is key. Even though they are cold and heartless they do feel guilt. When you disappear the guilt will eat away more so then if you called a got in an argument. any attention good or bad is what they want

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