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Friends with Benefits...Origins?


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I enjoy spending time on this site reading threads and posts made by many different people. One thing I have encountered is the so-called, "Friends with Benefits." I know what it is but I am wondering why it is so big nowadays? My opinion would be that some people are lazy and do not wish to engage in a real relationship. Some probably use it as a rebound type thing, to get over an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend.


Personally, I would never, never ever start something like this. Unless it is specifically stated by both people it is a "FWB", then I think it would be okay. If guys and gals assume something will come out of it, then that is wrong thinking. Heck, I get honry just like everyone else but I think one can control it by getting in a proper relationship and getting intimate with someone at a regular pace. I do know that all these things are relative and subjective but I was wondering what everyone's opinion of it.


Why did it come about?


Why is it so popular?

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i don't think it's a laziness thing.. it's more about having your cake and eating it too, so to speak. all the benefits of having a relationship, while still being able to date other people. it's not for all people (definitely not my cup of tea), but as long as both parties agree to it, then i think, hey why not?


you're right, though. it could only work as long as both are clear that it is ONLY a FWB situation, and nothing more.

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I think they've come about because if the society we live in, its slot faster and with people working longer hours they donthavt time for Dating.


Weither they're a good idea or not remains to be seen, my opinin is that they don't work. Either one party isnt clear about what they want, or one begins to get feelings. Human beings equate sex to love, and why shouldn't they? The act of sex is emotional, chemical, spiritual and emotive so of course people get attached.

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When I come out of relationships I often feel vulnerable and lonely. So I hook up with my FwB for a bit of companionship and sex, without the relationship part, because I know I'm not ready for a relationship when I just come out of one. I have (well, had) 2 guys who I would go to for this, or they would come to me, whatever. Its just nice to be able to engage in some intimacy when you are single, without having to go into a relationship when you are not ready, and without having to find some random in a bar for some sex. It's safe (each gotta get checked out for this though), familiar and no strings attached. I know it's not for everyone but I like to have the option if I want it.


I am now in a serious relationship, and so are my FwB now.

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I think its a bad thing.


Sex, for most females anyway, involves more than the 'act' and I think this sort of casual thing just stores up problems for the future.


I also think that its much lovlier to save your body and share it with a man who really appreciates it and it makes the connection that much more special.


I know others will disagree, but thats my two pence worth..

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