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I met someone new..


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Hi all,


This is kinda a complicated story so please bear with me. My family recently found out my sister has a really bad eating disorder (anorexic and bulimic) but she looks perfectly healthy so we never knew. She is only 18 and just spent her bday in a hospital. She is now doing great and at a place for girls with eating disorders at the moment.


Last week my sister told me she had a funny story to tell me over the phone. She said she was telling all the girls at her meeting that she missed her older brother the most. This really attractive girl asked how old her brother is. My sister replied 20. The girl then asked if he is hot. My sister laughed but the girl said she was being serious. I guess since my sister is pretty she assumed I would be also. We look a like and both have big blue eyes so people often assume we are twins even though I am two years older. I take that as girl talk and her not really looking for a guy based on looks. My sister said this girl is super nice and really down to earth. I told my sister to work on the girl for me and she said she will. They have been friends for three weeks so she knows the girl better than I do and given the fact that they are all at rehab and around each other 24 7 I think she knows the girl pretty well already.


So I went to visit my sister today and I met this girl. She was so pretty, and on top of that very nice and outgoing. We all played a board game together and I had her laughing the whole time. I smiled at her a lot and teased her how I was going to win, even though she won.


Then we all went inside and the girl left us but we invited her back over to color. (I know it sounds childish but all those girls are so bored at the rehab place they color and stuff which is pretty awesome). So I started telling stories and we all talked about movies. I was really outgoing and had everyone smiling. I think my friend and I made each girls day because not all of them see guys often because it is an all girls rehab place and we interacted with everyone.


I honestly don't mind if this girl also has an eating disorder. I can look past that and help her with it, like I am doing with my sister. My sister said the girl lives not far from us but I am not sure where she goes to school. It could be anywhere.


I plan on asking my sister tomorrow if the girl said anything about me, so we will see. I will definitely see her next sunday when I visit my sister again but it is not like I can ask her out because she is in recovery for her eating disorder and can not leave at will. But when she gets out, who knows?


How should I go about flirting or letting her know I like her? I was thinking of maybe getting my sister another coloring book and getting the girl one or a set of markers or something and say "hey I thought it can get kinda boring here so here is some stuff to keep you busy" but I don't know if that is strange/weird/un cool if I did that. I am nice but I don't want to be too nice and fall into the nice guy category with her.


So assuming my sister says maybe the girl like me a bit, should I just continue to be nice and friendly with her? I hate that I can't ask her out under this situation yet though.

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How would i do that without asking her when she is leaving the hospital? I can be extra firty next sunday, maybe that will prove the point?


should i have my sister drop a hint like my brother thought you were cute and would like to hang out with you when you get out of this place?

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A little update..I haven't talked to my sister in a few days because they moved her to another building. When she called me today she asked what I thought about that girl. I told her I thought she was really pretty and nice. I then asked if the girl said anything about me. My sister said the girl said I am cute and have amazing blue eyes that she couldn't even look straight at me. She said the girl didn't think I was interested.


My sister said the girl wants to know if I say anything about her when she gets off the phone with me. I told her to tell her I think she is pretty. My sister said she will tell the girl her brother thinks she is pretty and he is interested.


My sister said to talk to the girl more and make direct eye contact and smile a lot at her. I plan on doing so. I really hope this works out. My sister said not to ask her out yet but to take it slow and my sister will get the girls phone number because they are becoming good friends since they live with each other 24 7. So when both my sister and her leave the hospital it won't be a problem getting in touch with the girl. I will be seeing her sunday so I plan on being really flirty!

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