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Wondering why God is keeping me alive

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I've posted here before regarding being dumped by my girlfriend of 6 yrs. back in October. Anyway, of course I've been depressed because nothing's changed meaning we are not back together. We talk and see eachother sure, but no affection. She just says she's not ready to be together again. What sucks is that I've met other girls but I don't even want to call them or do anything with them. I am totally numb to anyone that isn't my g/f.


As if that wasn't the only thing bringing me down, I just got into a huge argument with parents and haven't spoken to them. Has never really happened before so it's seriously adding on to my depression.


Let me add some more drama, this morning when I got into work, I got totally yelled out by my boss for a mistake I made back in November. Pretty much threatened to not let it happen again or else.


People why am I alive? Why does God let me keep this life if it's nothing but pain and depression. Why doesn't he give it to someone that was happy and had everything going when they passed away?


Or maybe just put me out of my missery. I dunno, I am just about ready to give up on life.

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Hey ya life really sucks sometimes but theres no reason you should give up. Ive wanted to give up millions of times but i didnt. I know how it is to lose someone you care very deeply for. I was with a girl for 2years and im still not over and im still depressed and she just broke up with the guy shes been with for the last 2 years and we started to hang out again and she only wants to be my best friend she says she has no feelings like that for me anymore and shes with another guy now and i have to hang out with them and see them makeout and stuff it really sucks but i care about her so i still hang out with her. 6 years is a lot longer so that must be really crazy and i thought i was going crazy over 2 years so to hear about that. As far as your parents you should talk to them and try to get things worked out with them, there your parents theres no way that you guys are gonna fight forever that just dont seem possible. And look at it this way at least you and your ex still talk to each other and hang out just hang in there and mabie slowley with time you 2 will get that spark back and you might end up back together. But in the meantime try as hard as you can to move on and look for someone new you never know it might make your ex jelous and mabie she will realize how much she cares for you and will want you back You didnt get fired from your job so its cool just dont let it get to you. Good luck and dont give up. Hope i helped.

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The things that happen to you happen to everybody. I was dumped, I get in arguments at work, I get threatened with being fired, I get pissed off and depressed as well. But, I believe in myself. Why? I'll tell you in a second..


You seem to believe in God based upon your e-mail.


Well, I have good news for you. God has a plan and purpose for you on earth and you won't find that answer if you keep asking bad questions.


You need to ask yourself better questions:


1) How can I improve myself to find a better job, one that I can become a leader at?

2) How can I improve my relationship with my parents?


It's easy to point out problems. You need to work on asking the right questions. Remember, the problems you have are only your problems, so no one else is going to fix them and no one else EVEN KNOWS THEY EXIST. So, you have to fix them, you have no choice.


In order to fix problems, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE. You must ask yourself how you need to change.


If you try and wait for others to change, you'll wait forever. You must change yourself.








You are 90% there you know. You want to solve the problem, I can tell because you posted on this board. So, you are doing great. KEEP BEING MAD AND UNSETTLED UNTIL YOU FIGURE IT OUT.


These issues will happen all throughout life. This is just the beginning. The sooner you learn how to crush problems on your own, the sooner you will dominate!!

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Hey Dude


Everything that happened to you happened to me. We all go through it from time to time. No an option giving up. Press on my friend. We lose jobs, we get new ones. We lose girls, we get new ones. And many bad things happen in all of our lives. Look at all the good stuff that has happened in your life. Be grateful for that. And hold on to that. This stuff shall pass my friend, in time it will be nothing but a fading thought. Don't hang out and be depressed, get out, get back in the game. Join a group, talk to some friends, or make some new ones. If the depression keeps nagging you, seee a doctor. They have some good stuff for depression that will help till you can work your way through it.


Hang tough !!!!!!



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I thank you both for the advice. Although it feels like I am the only one going through this, I know there are people out there with the same problems or even worse ones. But that's just it, knowing that other people also feel like me doesn't make my life any better.


I don't see a light at the end of the tunnel so I wonder why even try. Why even go no when no one cares. Suicidal thoughts have never come into my head but I honeslty wouldn't mind if God took me with him right now.


Thanks guys.

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For starters, do not blame God for your problems. Now that that's been settled... We all go through tough times, it's to be expected. Nobody has the perfect life, and it's the rough times that make us stronger in the end...They allow us to see things differently, in a better way! Sometimes your vision is clear only after your eyes have been washed out with tears...

God would not have given you life if he didn't want you to live it, so you should put suicide out of your mind. If you're not able to do that on your own, see a doctor who will perhaps suggest an anti-depressant to help you out for a little while.

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Well... you are at a great point in life because you are at a point where things must change.


I sometimes feel like... God.. take me now! man am I angry or upset... but then, the next day or so, he opens a door for me. He opens a door for me because I pray for it to happen. I ask for the answer.


You can do it!

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Hey Cherrylicious, I have never once blamed God for anything. I am grateful for everything he's given me. What I am saying is that I don't see the purpose in my life right now. If I am being punished for something, I would rather he take me than allow me to live a meaningless existence.


I lost the girl that I loved with all my heart, will I find another, probably but how happy will I be with her if she doesn't compare to the one I lost? And the first person that replied to my post says he is still hearbtoken after 2 years!! So I can look forward to being hurt for that long or even longer?! Geez that's great!!


We all go through the same problems in life or different ones, so what is there to look forward to? Pain and problems all your life and then you die.


I do believe in God and that he has a purpose for me. I pray and read the bible almost daily, but it's been 3 months, bad day after bad day, I mean come on, throw me a bone or something.

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