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Getting through the days


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Well I booked my flights for my 3 month backpacking trip. Getting a little anxious about it. For those of you who don't know my ex and I broke up in June 08 and we are now LC. I just e-mailed her today, after I waited 6 days. Thats unusual for me because each time she's emailed me I sent one back right after or the next day.


I have been planning on sending her a package for a month now. It's basicaly a care package and I would like to send a note as well. I've been writing and re-writing it for a while I want her to know how I feel at this point and at the same time I don't want to scare her away.


Our situation is a bit complicated since I live in Canada and she moved to Mexico for a year to work there as a teacher. Any ideas, thoughts, whatever you come up with would be great. I was even thinking of posting the note but it is a bit long and very personal. I wouldn't mind sending it to a few people to get there ideas...

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Well, I'm not condoning that you should send the package. However, if you're going to send it anyway, I feel that the note should be simple:


“Just a little something to brighten your days. Talk with you soon, Billabong.”


Easy, breezy and it keeps her wondering. It's unemotional, which is fine. You don't want it to be heavy or deep otherwise you may freak her out.

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Hi, I quickly scanned some of your previous posts. I don't think you should send the long letter. You and your ex just started to talk again, and I feel that a long, heavy letter is going to push her away.


She doesn't need to know what you're thinking or feeling. She needs to know what it feels like for you not to always be there. She needs to miss you.


I know how hard it is to not give into the temptation of contacting. We have all battled it, but it truly is for the best. Her sister says she needs space. She needs space. She's not going to forget you and if she does well then it wasn't as strong as it needed to be to last forever.

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Is reconciliation even a possibility with her? What's her current position?


Hey Blue,


Reconciliation is very possible with her because we have had an on and off relationship for 4 yrs. When we broke up she told me that she still loves me and then said wouldn't it be nice if I came back to you once. This has been the longest break we have ever had and it makes it a bit more complicated since she has moved to Mexico.


However, distance has never stopped us before. Thanks again for your help because I would really like us to work in the end if its meant to be.

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Sounds like you're going to send the letter, so I would send the letter w/the package - send it all, get everything out that you need to say, and then the ball is in her court. After that, it's up to her.


P.S. My ex and I broke up Feb 2007 (he broke up w/me). It was completely over. We have spending time together for the past six weeks, and last night we had our 9th date. Believe it or not, I still don't know if we're getting back together or if we are back together. However, after we broke-up and for the past two months NC has been very instrumental in bringing us to this point in our relationship. I've never understood NC before, but now I'm a believer.

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I'm still indecisive about sending the letter because it is really heartfelt and sending it to her is almost the last starw. I was starting to think maybe I should send it after my trip or even right before my trip ends. That way if anything happens I can act on it instead of sending it and then taking off for 3 months.


Maybe I should just send the package with a small note saying something little like thinking about you and then just writing the rest as generic. Its just confusing because there's so much I want to tell her its just deciding when the right time is.


Thanks for listening and I look forward to replies




Its great to hear about you and your ex. I do wish you all the best and it sounds as if your on the right track.

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