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He's Found Someone

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Just a bit of background. Me and my ex were together a long time. We were so happy and so in love, but he moved and it was hard so we broke up. This was in April so only 5 months ago. I'm totally not over him and he said it would take him ages to get over me too. I was so gutted when we broke up, it broke my heart


I've just found out he has a new girlfriend...when i found out i cried. i felt heart broken all over again. How did he get over me so fast and find someone when i haven't? We were so so in love


I dunno if it's just cos i'm jealous that he's with someone now or something else. I was talking to some friends about it the fact that he leaves the country tomorrow for a year means that their changes on staying together are slim...he couldnt do it with me so why her? Why?!


I know i'm being stupid, but i'm so upset and gutted and sad. I was getting on with things, and then BAM i learn this and it's all i think about. It's so hard. I just want him back because i love him so much, but now he loves somebody else


How can i get over this? Someone help me xx

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Honey, you are worried about there chances of staying together, but really that is not relevant unless you and he have some concrete plans of being together in future, in the same place at the same time.


You can't just freeze time... life moves on. what you need to get over is not that he has another girlfriend, but instead you need to recognize the reality that you now live in different places and have different goals in life and made the decision to not be together.


If he means that much to you, then you need to talk to him and make concrete plans toward living in the same place and being together. If you don't actually have plans to be togeter in the future, then all this is a moot point, and you should be focusing on getting over him and finding a new person for yourself in your own town.

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