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really need help now!


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ok so i went out with this guy for 2 and a half years. within that time we did split a couple of times but only short splits as there were a few trust issues. however in july this year we split for the 3rd or 4th time. we cut communication from each other and went separate ways. i dated someone else for 2 months but ended it as i feel im not over my ex. anyway last night i ran into my ex at the cinema and when i got home i went really really emotional about everything. i think i still love him and i dnt know what to do. i emailed him apologising about the past because we had a nasty break up and we cleared the air between us, i dunno if i did the right thing emailing him but i felt i needed too. anyway we both still love each other, he wants to try again but cos i know our parents and friends wont be please im putting it off. i dunno if it would work. i just dnt know what to do or think, my minds going crazy and i hate feeling the way i do. i feel so * * * * ed up and angry and all other kinds of emotions. in the past i have self harmed and i really really am so close to beginning to do that again and i really dont want to but the temptation is there!! i dunno what to do and how to change how i feel. is being friends with my ex again gonna make things better or worse ? i feel so down and need to tlk to someone about it cos i cnt tlk to my friends. im the one whos always really strong about things and i just feel i cant let myself show them the side of me thats crumbling into bits

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DONT HURT YOURSELF! Please!! before getting back together with him, if u feel so urgently for him, be friends and as hard as it may be to not take it that step further, stick to it!! in that time dont let him take advantage of you, ease in to a relationship with him. make sure your doing it for the right reasons. please dont hurt yourself! we are all here for you to talk to.

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I dated a girl for close to two years, with MANY breakups (close to 70, if not that number) due to trust issues, family life, and other various reasons...


I dated people in between these breaks, and she had a run in with a boy.


However over the course of time, while we still love each other... I think we always will... We realized it wasn't best for us to be together romantically; We do however still talk, and are very close (she knows me better than anyone I know, and vice versa).


My advice to you is as Hodgo advised.


Take it slow, ease into it. If it's really meant to be, you'll click together and trust and love each other. If not, that doesn't mean you can't be friends. It's tough at first, but it may be for the best.


And please, don't hurt yourself. We're always here for you to vent to!

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Yes..Please do not harm yourself. This worries me! I think you need to do a "quick fix" with him in order to feel better and slowly work on things with him. Do not rush into it. Your 21! Have fun with each other! Live life! Then just let things take its own course and see where it takes you. I think you need to do some self help in the meantime. You stating that you may harm yourself is alarming. Please take care of yourself and do not resort to harming yourself when things go south. Work thru them and learn how to deal with life in a healthy way. Thats how we all learn to get thru what life deals us. Instead of harming yourself, find another activity! Write! Exercie! Anything! I also want to comment on your statement about your friends and family not being accepting. Although this may be hard in the beginning....if you 2 are truly serious, once you find out after some time, your family will hopefull or should learn to respect your decision. But remember, you are the one that lives your life now. Sometimes just giving them a clue that you are you and you will do what makes you happy....they will give a lil more and be more accepting and respect you as an adult. Depending on what the reasoning is behind them not approving! Good luck and hope things get better! They always do!

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