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She today but I didn't answer, I just need to vent a bit

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She called today and I didn't answer it. I don't know what she wanted but it does not even matter. There is nothing that can be said or done to fix this mess.


I was on the phone about an hour earlier with a friend of mine who said he ran into her and her new bf at a resturant earlier this week. He confirmed that this guy is in fact a dirt bag. But he did say they looked pretty comfortable toghether.


I played tough like I didn't care, but it hurt to hear that.


I am staying in tonight, I don't feel like doing anything, I'm feeling depressed. I have to say that it sucks sitting at home doing nothing knowing that she is out with another man.


This all is just seems so ridiculous to me. until I heard from my friend I had been hoping she would call. I don't really know why but every time my phone rang I was hoping it would be her. But when she did call I just felt so disgusted with her that I couldn't answer.

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